Peter Jennings - Hair ReplacementHair loss is of great significance to men, that is why Edward Katz was chosen from ABC to help Peter Jennings.

When Peter Jennings was diagnosed with cancer and he had to undergo chemotherapy, his biggest concern was to lose his hair, as stated on the last TV appearance on ABC World News Tonight.

abc - Hair loss solutionsThat is why he chose Edward Katz to take care of him, for his hair replacement needs, so he could eventually return to TV to anchor the ABC World News Tonight.
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Unhappy with your Hairpiece with Human Hair because of oxidation
Hair Transplants NOT delivering the coverage you thought?

Edward Katz & Ann Marie Katz"An Artist in the making of Hairpiece, we are only Factory, Designer, Producer left in the United States, that still makes 100% of his products on sight in a factory salon/location from scratch."

" 99% of all hair pieces that are worn in the United States, are made in China, Taiwan and other third World Countries."
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